• It's (almost) show time!

    Over the past three months or so, we've been reviewing our products and launching a big batch of newness, just in time for our next trade shows.

    T-minus two days until Pulse 2017 and then we fly to New York next week (hard life) for the National Stationery Show. It's all go but we're incredibly excited to be taking our products to America too.

    We thought this would be the perfect time to showcase our top 5 picks of some of our newest products. We're  also launching some new products which we're set to showcase for the first time at Pulse and NSS, so stay tuned as we'll be sharing these products soon.

    1. Ring Bound Notebooks 

    New You've Got This Ring Bound Notebook

    2. Foiled A5 Notebook

    Newness A5 Foiled Notebooks

    3. Small Greeting Card Range

    Newness Small Greeting Card Range

    4. Gift Wrap Collection

    Newness Gift Wrap Collection

    5. Gentleman Birthday Card

    Newness Gentleman Birthday Card




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  • Stylist Live 2016: What. A. Show.

    Thank you to everyone who came to see us at Stylist Live and helped make it an amazing four days. We’ve just about recovered!

    It was the first consumer facing show for Old English Co. We’ve done stacks of trade shows and we’re quite the old hand now. As much as we love meeting buyers and our stockists from various shops and brands, meeting the end customer is brilliant.

    Hearing feedback from our customers is invaluable. It’s also always nice meeting people who love our products. The new products we brought along seemed to be roaring success too. Thanks to our regular customers who stopped by and those who discovered our brand for the first. It was great to see you all.

    Stand Styling

    We designed the stand similar to Top Drawer in September. We used OSB boards again, along with painting the walls in a soft grey. This time though, we made some nifty worktops with storage at the bottom to hold the boxes of stock. The boxes were cleverly hidden by our DIY charcoal grey curtains, which once drawn, hid the mayhem (caused by us frantically rummaging around when replenishing stock).

    Here’s a video from the show so you can see for yourself:

    Our best-selling products

    Over the four days, our most popular products were: coasters, especially the ‘you’re weird’ and ‘buy me pizza and tell me I’m pretty’ coasters; enamel pins; the kraft and marble card ranges; as well as various prints, including our Erin Hanson quote What if I fall? Oh but my darling, what if you fly?' -  Which was so popular we completely sold out of this one on day two!

    Enamel PinsI Miss Your Face Kraft Greeting Card

    Stylist Live best bits

    There were so many highlights. It certainly lived up to its name of the festival of inspiration - some great motivational talks took place. Not forgetting to mention the food freebies, which helped keep our energy levels up! It was a great show and we’re looking forward to being part of the show next year. Bravo.

    You can browse highlights from the four days in Stylist Live’s gallery here:


    Team OE

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