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These are some of our favorite item from our newly decorated kitchen:

1. Kitchen Aid - Every one needs one. We’ve not made full use of it yet, only the occasional whipping of cream. We plan to start baking our own bread… step in the Kitchen Aid to help us with our dough! We have it in black as you can see, it suits our kitchen well as we have a lot of slate and charcoal colours happening.

2. Polpo: A Venetian Cookbook (Of Sorts) - A book from London Soho’s backstreet restaurant, it includes a collection of Russell Norman’s recipes that originate from Venice. The book is beautifully presented with its illustration and cleverly stitched spine. I pass this restaurant most days, so I’m trying to find an excuse to eat there soon!

3. Peanut Butter & Co: Organic Nutty Peanut Butter - A jar does not last long in this household.

4. Farrow & Ball Paint - Big fans of the different shades they do, and the names to go. A particular favourite, ‘Elephant’s Breath’. Our kitchen table legs are now coated in ‘French Grey’.

5. Old English Company Pork Cuts Print - No home is complete without one! We have the white pig on a charcoal background, this goes with the other colours in the kitchen and it also really stands out.


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