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4 Creative Writing Techniques to Use in a Personalised Notebook

Personalised notebooks are a great writing tool for all kinds of writers, whether they're creating novels or making plans. Personalised notebooks are instantly inspiring, because each one is unique to the writer - but when you put pen to paper, you might wonder how to make the most of your words through creative writing techniques. These 4 creative writing techniques will transform your personalised notebook into a space to achieve all your writing goals. 

Creative Writing Techniques for Authors - Freewriting

Freewriting is one of the most innovative creative writing techniques to use in a personalised notebook. Freewriting involves writing from your subconscious mind without making adjustments. In your personalised notebook, write whatever comes to mind, no matter how mundane or random or nonsensical. Even if you make grammatical mistakes or don't like what you've written, keep moving forward.

The reason that freewriting is such an effective creative writing technique is because writers frequently become fixated on trying to make their writing perfect. The most important aspect of creative writing is flexibility - letting go of writing 'rules' brings more opportunities for creativity and develops writing practice. 

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Creative Writing Techniques for Manifestation - Scripting 

If you're looking for creative writing techniques to reach your goals, scripting is key. This technique involves writing a 'script' told from the perspective of yourself after you've reached your long term goals. 

In your personalised notebook, write in the present tense about how your life has improved since all your dreams and ideas came true. Be as specific as possible with your scripting. What will your life be like when your goals have been met? Using this writing technique can help you to explore your future and bring your goals closer through your personalised notebook.

Creative Writing Techniques for Self Development - Future Self Journaling 

Personalised notebooks are a great space to consider your future and dream big. Future self journaling is a creative writing technique that brings you closer to the person you want to be by examining who you are now

Write down three things each day that make you feel grateful. What makes you happy? It might be the sun in the sky overhead, or the kind words of a friend. Next, write about three things you'd like to develop about yourself - for example, communication skills. Make plans to develop these aspects and fit in more time for those things you feel grateful for. Keep a log of these details in your personalised notebook to track your progress. 

Creative Writing Techniques for Goal Setting - Visualisation 

Goal setting is an empowering process, but it comes with its own frustrations. It can be hard to visualise exactly what you want to achieve or how you should try to reach it, and this is where the creative writing technique known as visualisation comes in. 

In your personalised notebook, write about your next short term goal. Visualise the moment when you reach this goal. Focus on the sounds, sights, and smells. What can you see around you? Is it cold or warm? What noises can you hear? Perhaps friends and family are cheering you on? Visualisation in personalised notebooks can help you to 'see' what needs to be done to reach your goal. 

Writing in personalised notebooks is inspiring, because your writing space is individual to you. The words you write inside are equally unique. Whether you're writing a novel or setting out your dreams, personalised notebooks are the perfect space to develop creative writing techniques. If you want to know what to write in personalised notebooks, using a combination of these techniques can make your writing more effective for reaching your goals.

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