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7 creative ways to display your art prints

Collecting art prints is easy; figuring out where and how to display them is the challenging part. The infamous gallery wall is one way to do it, but it can look cluttered and boring sometimes. If you want to try fun and creative ways to display your art prints, here are a few ideas.

Lean them on the floor

This is great if you are renting, and you are not allowed to drill any nails on the wall. Leaning your art prints on the floor gives a laid-back, relaxed look, and it also adds mystery and depth to a room. This display works well regardless of the size of your prints.

Create a shelf/ shelves of art

If you have empty shelves and a lot of art prints, this will be perfect for you. Make sure the prints are in a limited colour palette for a more cohesive look. This particular display option is suitable for your home office or library.

Use floating shelves

Simple floating shelves allow you to experiment with home décor. Create an eye-catching display of art by placing your prints on the shelves in scattering heights for a bit of contrast.

Spruce up your staircase

Art prints are a great option if you want to fill the wall on your stairwell. Mix and match the colours and sizes on the prints for a less angular look.

Frame your furniture

If you have many prints of the same size, you can use them to frame a piece of furniture in your home.

Let it stand

For a sleek, classic look, get a frame stand, and stand your art on it. If you are working with small spaces such as desks, nightstands, and coffee tables, this will look amazing.

Embrace asymmetry

The only limit is your imagination, let loose and have fun decorating using our art prints. If you have lots of art prints, asymmetry displays look amazing since each piece will be competing for attention.

Like art, home décor should be experimental so, be daring and have a good time.
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