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8 Cute Enamel Pins to Reflect Personality Types

Cute enamel pins are filled with personality! Maybe that’s why they’re so good at reflecting our own personality types. The Myers-Briggs personality types are the most famous personality categorization in the world. It splits personalities into 8 different traits, of which we all have four each. There are cool enamel pins to reflect all of the personality traits, which make the perfect gifts for fans of the Myers-Briggs personality types.

Outgoing and Cool Enamel Pins for Extroverts

Yasss! In the Myers-Briggs personality types, extroverts are recognised for their love of socialising and being open with who they are. Cool enamel pins for extroverted personality types reflect these outgoing traits. Thriving amongst their best friends, extroverts shine bright and stay weird with their enamel pins!

Bookish, Cute Enamel Pins for Introverts

Introverts are often misinterpreted as anti-social, but according to the Myers-Briggs personality types, introverts are caring people who just love their own space. It’s well established that introverted personality types love books, so bookish enamel pins are the perfect gifts for introverts. ‘Coffee, then the world’ and ‘More Sleep Please’ are the ultimate mantras of introverts - coffee and sleep is all they need to take on the world!

Book Lover Enamel Pin

Cool Enamel Pins for Sensors

In the Myers-Briggs Personality Types, sensors are recognised as highly practical people who are closely aware of the world around them. The perfect enamel pins for sensors reflect their appreciation of the world - from the moon and stars to plant life. As people with sensor personality types are also incredibly practical, why not also give them a message that gets to the point and encourages them to start somewhere towards their goals.

Cute Enamel Pins for Intuitive Personality Types

Intuitive personality types see the big picture. They understand the infinite possibilities of the universe and are seriously creative. Since intuitive personality types understand the future so well, why not show them how great their futures can be? Tell them (and the world) to dream big and amazing things will happen

Motivational, Cool Enamel Pins for Thinking Personality Types

According to the Myers-Briggs personality types, thinkers value logic and reason when making decisions. Forever problem solving, as thinkers work towards their latest project, gift them cool enamel pins for motivation. Remind girls within the thinking personality type that they can achieve their dreams, with the ‘Go Get Em Tiger’ and ‘She Believed She Could, So She Did’ enamel pins. 

Cute Enamel Pins for Feeling Personality Types

Feeling personality types are very caring towards others and are great advocates for kindness. Show off your feeling personality type through a ‘Be Kind’ enamel pin. Spreading loving kindness is the ultimate goal of feeling personality types, because they truly understand that kindness matters.

Kindness Matter Enamel Pin

Super Cool Enamel Pins for Judging Personality Types

Judging personality types have a strong sense of morality and love organisation. Use cute enamel pins to celebrate their determination - judgers know how to get stuff done and become the best version of themselves! They have a strong sense of justice and are true advocates, encouraging others to listen up to social issues across the world.

Chilled and Cute Enamel Pins for Perceiving Personality Types

According to the Myers-Briggs personality types, perceivers like to go with the flow. They like to be laidback and flexible, with a ‘don’t worry, bee happy’ perspective, dealing with life’s challenges as they arise. Challenges are opportunities for perceivers, as they believe you ‘grow through what you go through’. The best pins for perceiving personality types celebrate the idea that, throughout life, you just need to relax and chill.

When it comes to cute enamel pins to reflect personality types, there’s something for everyone. Myers-Briggs personality types are recognised for their accuracy - they present a summary of our perspective, wants and fears - and cool enamel pins reflect our inner world to the people around us. Whether you’re looking for cute enamel pins for yourself or friends, you’ll easily find a statement pin that celebrates your chosen personality type.

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