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Enamel Pins on Denim Jacket

How to Wear Enamel Pins on a Denim Jacket

Nothing is quite as iconic as enamel pins on a denim jacket. Enamel pins compliment many different clothes and accessories, but they're the cherry on top of a denim jacket sundae. From punk rockers to fashion addicts, the style has lasted through generations, never becoming outdated. So, how should you wear enamel pins on a denim jacket? 

Where Should I Wear Enamel Pins on a Denim Jacket?

It might sound obvious, but there are many different places to wear enamel pins on a denim jacket. Each place creates a different visual effect. The most obvious place might be a lapel. Lapels provide a perfect blank space, crying out for embellishment. You can group enamel pins together on a lapel, or keep it to a single pin. Enamel pins on a denim jacket lapel stand out clearly, drawing the eye. 

Pockets are another great place to display your enamel pins on a denim jacket. Some pockets include embroidered embellishment or feature buttons, so a single pin in one corner can create a subtle effect on your overall look. If your denim jacket is split into panels, you can dot enamel pins across the jacket - or if you’re going for a super quirky look, why not try your pins on oversized sleeve cuffs?

@katefranco - Denim Jacket with Enamel Pin

Single Enamel Pin or Grouping Enamel Pins on a Denim Jacket?

The next step to consider when wearing enamel pins on a denim jacket is whether to wear a single pin or a group of pins. Ultimately, it depends on the look you’re going for. A single enamel pin on a jacket draws attention to the pin. If there’s a message or image you want to convey through a particular pin, there’s no need to clutter your style with other pins. 

Meanwhile, there are many different ways to group enamel pins to create an effect. For example, if you want to pair complementary pins, you can group a few together on a lapel or pocket. Or if you want to contrast pins, dot them at different spots on the jacket. If you want to go for a really quirky look, spread lots of enamel pins across the front of your denim jacket.

What Enamel Pins Should I Wear on a Denim Jacket?

Colour, style and message. These are the three main factors to consider when choosing enamel pins for a denim jacket. For a complementary look, choose colours of a similar shade. If you want to contrast your pins, choose colours from opposite sides of the colour wheel. In terms of style, ask yourself what look you’re going for - punky, sweet, cool? Choose enamel pins that fit the look.

Finally, think about any social or motivational messages you want to convey with your pins. Maybe you want to tell people to shine bright? Or show support for your girl gang? Enamel pins on a denim jacket are a key way to spread your message far and wide. 

Enamel pins are a fashion statement in and of themselves. But when they’re paired with a denim jacket, they become part of a fashion icon. If you want to know how to wear enamel pins on a denim jacket, remember that there’s no one right way. Enamel pins can be adjusted to suit a multitude of looks - and that’s what makes the style so timeless.

@theshopatklsd - Denim Jacket with Enamel Pins
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