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Iconic Stationery and Accessory Trends for 2021

Iconic Stationery and Accessory Trends for 2021

Is there any accessory more popular than stationery? For one thing, stationery is infinitely useful - from personalised books to store your study notes, too cute keyrings for securing all those otherwise mislaid keys. Stationery trends go hand in hand with fashion trends, so you look the part as you work towards daily tasks. Check out the most iconic stationery trends for 2021.

Personalised Books - Best Stationery Trends for Motivation 

With all the challenges of lockdown, from home work to homeschooling, it's important to have spaces unique to you. Personalised books are the perfect place to write about your thoughts, accomplishments and dreams, which is why they are one of the best stationery trends of 2021.

Personalised books, whether in soft-back or hardback, feature your name on the front. Or, you can choose a personalised message for gifting to friends, or inspiring yourself. The best stationery trends of 2021 are all about motivation. After a year of turmoil, we all need a pick-me-up to send us in the right direction towards our goals. Choose a notebook cover that reminds you to dream big, and reach out for new opportunities. 

Self-care is another of the most important stationery trends in 2021, so personalised books that remind you to be yourself are a heartfelt thumbs-up for this year. 

She Believed She Could Personalised Notebook

Cute Keyrings - Practical and Cute Stationery Trend

Between your house, car and work keys, sometimes you just need something cute to hold everything together! No need to compromise between organising your keys and looking stylish when you have cute keyrings on your bag.

For stationary trends in 2021, motivation continues to be a big trend for cute keyrings. The best thing about cute keyrings is that they go everywhere with you, so their messages stay close by all day long. Every time you look at cute keyrings, you have an instant reminder that #YouGotThis. Turn the cuteness up to eleven by choosing a simple, cute design to complement your bag or laptop case - and your cute keyrings will shine a rainbow through your day.

Keyring collection

Daily Planner - Best Stationery Trends for Goal-Setting 

One of the most iconic stationery trends for 2021 has got to be a daily planner. In lockdown, it can be so easy to lose track of your goals and plans - a daily planner keeps your dreams in sight. You can start on any day of the year, just add the date as needed at the top of the page. 

The reason a daily planner is among the best stationery trends for 2021 is its flexibility. The past year has been hard on long-term plans. A daily planner works day-to-day, so you're keeping your focus on short-term tasks you can actually complete. These smaller tasks then build up gradually till you reach your ultimate goal. Along with personalised books, a daily planner is the perfect way of managing your goals in lockdown. 

Go get 'em tiger grey planner

The best stationery trends for 2021 focus on motivating and empowering you to reach your dreams. Having the right stationery at your fingertips can spark immediate inspiration and power you through daily tasks. When you use the perfect stationery, your goal-setting ceases to be a challenge, and transforms into your inspiration. 

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