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New Year, New Planner!

New Year, New Planner!

The team here at Old English Company would like to wish you a very Happy New Year!

We just can’t quite believe how quickly January has come back around again and it’s now time to kick-start all the goals we have set ourselves for 2019! Apart from Christmas, January is one of our most favourite times of the year in the studio. Why? Brand. New. Stationery.

A new year brings with it resolutions and goals, so, what better time to get yourself organised for the year ahead than with one of our simple yet effective A5 Planners.

Old English Company planners are the perfect way to jot down those ‘do not forget’ notes that are on your mind at work, keep on track of your newly set goals and resolutions, or even just to assist you in keeping organised with your day-to-day plans. With the ability to tick off your entire checklist as you go along, you’ll be able to keep on top of your workload as well as look back at your progress.

Planner Layout Image

The planners are un-dated, meaning they don't have an expiry date. And let's face it, the weekend is NOT for planning!

Our planners are designed to a perfect size. Whether it's to fit on your work desk, to cram in your overflowed handbag, or to come with you on the go to work meetings, we've got you covered.

  Go Get Em Tiger Planner

Of course, the new year isn’t just about keeping organised, motivation is another key aspect too. New Year is the perfect time to regain inspiration and adopt a positive attitude for a brand new year. Need some help to get you jotting those plans? Our friends at Stylist aid this in listing some handy motivational quotes, tips and advice that’ll help keep us all motivated throughout the new year. 

So, why not hit the ground running this 2019! Go get 'em tiger.

Team OE x

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