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New products and Spring Trends

New products and Spring Trends


These past few months we’ve been busy brainstorming, mood-boarding and designing, to bring our new products to life (just in time for the spring/summer season!)

Some of our new products have now arrived hot off the press, which include some fab new enamel pins, ring-bound notebooks and our newest addition to our foiled family…..foil prints! 

In addition, we have designed a new card collection, which we'll be launching for the very first time at a few trade shows - Pulse in London and the National Stationery Show in New York

Our new card collection includes a range of children’s cards and prints, as well as a new range of everyday and occasion cards.

Our inspiration behind our new collection has incorporated the key trends this season. Here’s a rundown of some of our favourite trends right now:

Tropical Foliage

First up, and as you may have seen everywhere, is the tropical foliage theme, which started to come into the mix towards the end of last year. This particular design makes us feel oh so ready for summer holiday vibes! This trend has been covered all over the spectrum from prints to cards, to stationery and even jumpers.


Next up is marbling. This seems to be a trend that’s going to stick around for a while. From notebooks to wallpaper - marble has really taken off.

Its distinctive and natural look really creates an open and fresh feel. Whether your plastering your walls with marble, or just simply adding the small marble accents in and around your home, trust us…. you are majorly on trend!

Brass and copper tones

Linking to the marble craze is the idea of introducing brass and copper accents. This look works really well and makes for a luxurious open feel to any room.

Copper has been hugely popular due to the huge rise of rose gold over the past few months, whether it be in your home or on your clothes, rose gold will be and has been a key hit.

Dark blue and green tones

We’ve also seen a massive rise in the dark blue and green colours. This has had a huge effect on the current trends for the spring season, with companies producing anything from sofas to greeting cards with this earthy colour palette. The dark green tones have been massively popular recently due to Pantone naming ‘Greenery’ as their colour of the year.  








Hand lettered stationery trends


From foliage to marble we have covered the full spectrum of colour palettes and tones. We loved looking at these and picking out how they best work for our designs and us. We hope this inspires you to create a home fit for this spring/summer season.

Love Team OE

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