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art prints for christmas

The art prints everyone needs to buy their friends this Christmas

We get it, it hasn’t been Halloween yet. But this year has flown by and before we know it, it’ll be December and we’ll find ourselves once again panic buying presents for our closest friends.

Here’s where Old English Company comes in. We’ve got art prints that will melt the heart of your cutest friend and spark the fire in your sassiest gal pal.

Something for everyone

From punchy feminist slogans to motivational quotes, our stylish art prints may be minimalist by design, but they’re certainly not by nature. So if you’re looking for something quirky and unique to level up your gift-giving game this year, you’re in luck.

Our range includes simple black and white designs, such as this Wuthering Heights typography literary quote, which would go beautifully with any bold coloured frames. We also have sophisticated baby pinks and gold prints, like this cute 'no one gets us like us' print. Pair these pink and gold styles with an ornate gold frame to really make the font pop, or leave the print frame-less for that modern, understated look.

This year, in particular, it’s important to remind our friends that we’re there for them, that we love them and we’re still rooting for them. Their goals for the year may well have been impacted by Covid-19, but you can show you support them with a motivational and inspiring art print.

Modern map prints

Our typography map prints have been a real hit, and we all have a friend who has left a part of their heart on their travels in their gap year. You can easily filter the prints by theme, so if you’ve got something in particular in mind, or if you need some inspiration, it’s as easy as can be.

Possibly the best gift-giver ever?

We don’t want to claim you’ll be branded the best gift-giver of 2020, but we’re pretty confident that our prints look absolutely gorgeous and also make people happy. If that doesn’t bag you the title, we don’t know what will.
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