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The Best Gift Ideas for National Tea Day 2021

Who doesn’t love a good brew? April 21st marks National Tea Day in the UK, a day to celebrate all things tea (and the tea drinker in your life!). Enjoying a cuppa satisfies more than thirst - it’s also the perfect beverage to join people together to talk and support each other. Whether a breakfast brew or stately Earl Grey is your cup of tea, this list of the best gift ideas for National Tea Day will have you infused with inspiration!

Best Tea Gift Ideas - Tea Drinker Enamel Pins and Coasters

Declare your love of tea with pride! The best gift ideas for National Tea Day share your passion for tea with the world. Have a friend who loves a cup of lapsang souchong? Gift them ‘Tea Drinker’ enamel pins, in black and white, so they can wear their love of all things tea on a jacket lapel or backpack. 

If your loved ones crave chamomile tea, they’re going to need a sturdy coaster to keep their tea on the level. A bold ‘Tea Drinker’ coaster makes it clear: no cappuccino allowed! Coasters are one of the best tea gifts, because they designate a clear spot for your brew, whether on the dining table or by your bedside. 

Tea Drinker Enamel Pin

Tea Gift Ideas - Biscuit Tea Towel and Tea Mugs 

What’s a cup of tea without a good biscuit? Whether you prefer to dunk or nibble, enjoying a biscuit alongside your brew is a huge part of the tea drinking experience. Among the best gift ideas for National Tea Day are tea gifts that celebrate biscuits. Dry up your mugs with the Biscuit tea towel, which lists every type of biscuit you could dream of, from macaroons to custard creams.

If you’re looking for unique tea gifts for a loved one, you can’t go wrong with tea mugs. Let your tea drinker know ‘You Are The Biscuit To My Tea’, with a chunky tea mug to hold all the fennel, rooibos, or jasmine tea they could dream of

Motivational Tea Mugs and Coasters

Tea gifts can inspire, as well as invigorate. Motivational tea mugs give the tea drinker in your life a spark of inspiration each time they take a sip. The best gift ideas for National Tea Day remind them ‘Amazing Things Will Happen’ with every brew, and show them it’s important to ‘Do What You Love’. Tell them that all that really matters is ‘You, Me and a Cup of Tea

Give them inspiring motivational coasters, so they receive a beautiful message each time they pick up their mug of tea. Tell your tea drinker that ‘You Light Up My Sky’ and motivate them to ‘Reach for the Stars’. The best gift ideas for National Tea Day make them feel super special with every drink.

When your recipient is boiling the kettle for a warming cuppa, the best tea gifts will help them to make the most out of their drink. From coasters to mugs and tea towels, there’s something for every type of tea drinker. The best gift ideas for National Tea Day can be enjoyed long after the day is over. Whenever they’re enjoying a fruit, mint, or ginger tea, your recipient will think of you each time they brew.

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