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Halloween Enamel Pins

Top 5 Movies to watch on Halloween Night

October is here! Some people say that the best months of the year begin here, and they are definitely right. The official countdown to all the best events is now in full swing, the closest one being Halloween. Halloween was the best as a child. Being able to dress up in fancy dress and filling up your bucket with trick or treat goodies. But why should your celebrations end when you hit your teens and above? 


The Team here at Old English Co. have been brushing off the dust on their DVD collections, to reveal their favourite thrillers of all time for you guys to enjoy a spooktacular evening with your besties.  


Ghostbusters Film

Who you gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS! 

The original Ghostbusters (1984) is THE ultimate movie to watch on Halloween, it's sure to bring the theory of ghosts up in conversation, so be prepared to settle the debate of existence of ghosts with your friends. The plot is based around three professors who study parapsychology and decide to set up their own shop as ghost removal service. There are now follow-on movies, so if you do become a ghostbuster fanatic (which we know you will!) you could do a complete movie marathon. But really if you do have something strange in your neighbourhood, maybe don’t try to call the Ghostbusters. 



Halloween Film

The next one from our film collection is Halloween.  This one isn’t for the faint-hearted. Halloweens storyline is based on a man who escapes a mental institute to return to his small hometown, 15 years after murdering his sister on Halloween night. The film itself will most definitely keep you on your toes and send a chill down your spine. This film also has follow-ons and has the newest addition currently airing at the cinema. 


A Haunted House

A haunted House Film

Haunted House is slightly more modern but is still a good Halloween watch. If you don’t fancy spooking yourself too much, ‘A Haunted House’ is also appointed a comedy genre. 

Having the clue in the name, the storyline introduces a couple who have recently purchased a dream fantasy home but soon discover they are accompanied by something else. The female character becomes possessed, her partner does everything to try to keep their relationship on track by hiring a priest, a psychic and the Ghostbusters.  


Paranormal Activity 

Paranormal Activity Film

Paranormal activity is probably one of the most well-known scary movies out there. If you are up for a jumpy film, this is always going to be at the top of the list.  There’s a complete storyline behind the film but we don’t want to give out any spoilers, so we will give you an overview. 

Similar to 'A Haunted House', a young couple Katie and Micah, are haunted by paranormal activity in their home. Katie has had a demon presence follow her since she was a young girl. Micah is intrigued and tries to determine what is going on by setting up video cameras around the house to try to capture the footage at night. The presence seems more aggravated as the nights go by and they must try surviving the situation the demon puts them in.

There is now a 2,3 and 4 edition of the film and they do all intertwine with each other. Be sure to have a duvet at hand to hide under!



Casper Film

And last but not least. Casper!  

Casper is a great Halloween feel-good movie to watch with your little ones. This film will teach them that Ghosts aren’t something to really be afraid of. An expert in the paranormal industry and his daughter, move to a rather large abandoned house which has four ghosts also boarding in the property. Three of them are mischievous and one friendly. The only downside to the film is not being able to purchase a pet ghost because the little ones will definitely be asking for one.


We hope you love the Halloween film recommendations we have chosen! If you think we have missed one we would love to hear your favourites, pop over to our Instagram and drop us a message with your must see!


Must-haves to complete your Halloween look

With Halloween falling on a Wednesday this year, we know everyone absolutely loves Halloween accessories. We have decided to come up with a few of our Enamel Pins that could be associated with Halloween. They will look fab placed on any item whether it's workwear, your rucksack or even your fav denim jacket!

Bad to the Bone Enamel Pin

Black Cat Enamel Pin

Pumpkin Enamel Pin

Ghost Enamel Pin

My Moon and Stars Enamel Pin


Happy Halloween! 


Love Team OE x 




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