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What to Write For A Christening Card Message - 44 Different Examples

What to Write For A Christening Card Message - 44 Different Examples

First off, what exactly is a Christening, and is a Christening and a Baptism the same thing? Well a baptism signifies an individual choosing to accept Jesus and begin a relationship with Christ. As part of the Christian faith, Baptism is more common for older children and adults, once they are able to comprehend what it means and make a choice. Baptism is still common with infants, however the term is often known as christening. Baptism is thought to be a more traditional sacrament, whereas a christening is not. Both are a significant part of life for Christian families, and in essence represents that a child’s original sin is erased, and that the child makes a pledge to be a child of God. The difference between ceremonies of a baptism and christening are that with a christening there is an additional naming ceremony, and this is not the case with a baptism.

Both the words baptism and christening are used interchangeably, but as you have read there are similarities. 

If you will be attending a christening soon, either as a godparent, family member, or close friend, then it is very thoughtful to bring a gift and christening card. Today, there are many greeting cards specifically designed to be given as a christening card.

However, knowing what to write in a christening card isn’t always that easy! Do you address it to the child, or the parents? What words do you use inside the christening card to convey congratulations and best wishes? In the guide below, we’ll show you what christening messages you can use. With all of the christening messages and best wishes, feel free to personalise these based on your relationship with the recipients. 

Also, these messages can be used if you are attending a naming ceremony or a humanist ceremony.

Christening cards

Christening Messages To Write as a Godparent to the Child

You’ve been asked the great honour of being a Godparent to a child of your family member or close friend. The child will always be in your life, and by being a Godparent you make a commitment to support them throughout life. Choose one of the heartfelt messages below, and add this to your Christening card for the child.

  1. To be your Godparent is an incredible honour. Your life will be filled with much love, happiness and support.
  2. Just a little note to let you know, we’ll be here for you as you bloom and grow. Always in your life, never far away, there for you for when you need us one day.
  3. With lots of love on your special christening day. I am very honoured to be your Godparent and so very proud to celebrate this special day with you and your loving family.
  4. You will always be loved and cared for. Here’s to an amazing life filled with happiness and love.
  5. On this Christening day, I am sending all my love, best wishes, all my blessings. and my all grace to my beautiful young Godchild.
  6. Just a little note to let you know, we’ll be here for you as you grow. Always in your life, never far away, there for you for when you need us one day.
  7. Happy christening! We will always be there for you as your loving godparents!
  8. I can’t express how proud I am to be your Godparent. I look forward to watching you grow and will always be a source of support for you.
  9. We are so proud to have been asked to be your godparents, and are very excited to share the next 18 years and beyond with you.
  10. I am so honoured and proud to be your Godmother.  I make my promises to you that I will love you, help guide you, encourage you, listen to you, be there should you need me and always hold you in my thoughts. With much love on this special day, your Godmother/father ----
  11. To our special Godson/Goddaughter on your christening day. Our promise to you as Godparents is to help support, guide, and love you. We will always be there for you, whenever you need.

Funny Christening Messages To Write

Of course the child is unlikely to be able to read the card, but the parents may benefit from a funny christening message! Use humour with caution, as to many parents, Christenings are an important day for their child.

  1. If one day your mum and dad can’t be bothered to look after you, then I may be your next option!
  2. Happy dunking day!
  3. Have fun getting dunked!
  4. Consider this card an IOU for free beers when you’re old enough.
  5. Just to warn you, I am not good at remembering birthdays, so don’t expect many cards!
  6. Happy Christening Day - the day when a random person in a gown tried to dunk you, and your family just took photos!
  7. Happy Christening Day. We’ll celebrate properly in 18 years time!
Baby Words Silver Card

Religious Christening Messages To Write

  1. May your little life be filled with special blessings from above and may your christening day be touched with very special love.
  2. A baby’s christening brings a very special prayer, that God will keep your little one forever in his care.
  3. On this very joyous day, may God, who loves us all, smile down upon this baby of yours; so precious and so small. May he guide your new-born baby through the years that lie ahead.
  4. May this Holy occasion bring with it lots of joy and happy memories.
  5. I wish you and your family all of God's grace and love during this special time.
  6. On your baby’s christening, this brings a prayer for God’s loving guidance and everlasting care; for blessings and happiness all your life through, not only for the baby, but also for you.
  7. Lots of love to you and your family on the day of your baby’s christening. May the lord be present in your little one’s life today and always.

Christening card messages for a girl

  1. I will always be here for you, little one – I can’t wait to watch you grow up, and make tons of happy memories with you over the years.
  2. So, so, so  proud to be your godparent – I promise I’ll be there for love and support always.
  3. To the cutest baby girl - Happy christening day.
  4. I pledge that I will be the very best godparent I can be. Here for you on your christening day, and every day hereafter.
  5. We will do our very best for you as your godparents - honoured to be a part of your life little girl.
  6. We will always be in your life, and I am forever grateful for that, you gorgeous little girl.
  7. Can’t wait for you to grow up. Always here for you. Our darling little girl.

Christening card messages for a boy

  1. To a special little boy on his christening day. Always here for you.
  2. Lots of love to our special little guy on his christening day.
  3. Sending you so much love on your christening day.
  4. Wishing you and your family so much love on your special day.
  5. Happy christening day little man. Always here for you.
  6. Honoured to be a part of your special day little guy.

Simple christening messages

Keep it simple and uncomplicated with your christening message. Often simpler can be better!

  1. Happy Christening Day!
  2. You are so loved - happy christening day.
  3. Heartfelt congratulations on your christening day.
  4. Sending lots of love on your christenings day.
  5. Countless blessings on your christening day.
  6. Wishing you a life filled with love and laughter.

Now that you have the perfect christening messages, it’s time to find the perfect card. We have a number of greeting cards well suited to the occasion within our collection.

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