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why you should send more greeting cards

Why we should be sending more greeting cards and letters

With many of us currently having to conduct both our professional and social lives via laptop or other electronic devices, more and more of us are suffering from video fatigue. So how can we give our selves a break from staring at a screen whilst also keeping in touch with our friends and families?

The answer is writing and sending more greeting cards or hand written letters.

Good for you

The solution, we feel, is in sending a cad or letter. There is something incredibly therapeutic about actually putting pen to paper, especially when that paper is in a beautiful well designed greeting card or a unique personalised notebook. Further benefits for the author include having to slow down, and appreciate the beauty in your life, particularly the relationship you have with the person you are writing to, be it a favourite aunt or beloved grandparent.

Text messages and emails are usually reactionary, quickly typed out and sent, but writing a letter by hand really gives you time to say meaningful things. A handwritten letter is a very memorable thing for a loved one to receive and is such a rarity that more than likely it will be kept and read again and again. You could go one step further and include a classy gift with your letter - art prints or enamel pins are an inexpensive way to express your feelings.

Good for the recipient

Letter writing is a way to reach out to older relatives in a way in which they are comfortable. Great aunts, uncles and grandparents will be much more comfortable receiving and responding to a letter than they would be trying to download apps. Follow meeting joining instructions on a device is also a struggle without your assistance!

Writing out your letter will also give you the chance to regain your handwriting skills, get your favourite pen, and practice formation and legibility. You can also add some doodles and sketches to illustrate your letter for a creative touch.

However, if you haven't quite got the time for pages of prose, there is always the classic gift card - the same principles apply, but some of the message is already written for you. This way, you have a defined amount of space so can keep your message short and sweet. Visit the greetings card section of for an elegant selection to choose from!
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