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Enamel Pins on Jacket

6 Motivational Enamel Pins with Sayings to Inspire You

We all have days when we need an extra spark of inspiration. Wearing motivational enamel pins on a bag or a jacket lapel gives you a little burst of support through life’s challenges. Moment of doubt arising? No need to worry, just check out the amazing pins on your lapel to set your day right. Here are our top 6 motivational enamel pins with sayings to inspire you.

Motivational Enamel Pins For Women - ‘She Believed She Could’

Negative perceptions of what women can achieve within society has often left women struggling to believe in themselves and their abilities. Motivational enamel pins with sayings transform the narrative to empower women. ‘She Believed She Could, So She Did’ shows all women that self-belief is key to success.

She Believed Pink Enamel Pin

Motivational Pins for Difficult Times - ‘Grow Through What You Go Through’

Difficult times can be demotivating, because everything you work towards seems to go awry. At these times, you need something to reframe your perspective. Especially if you’re a plant lover, motivational enamel pins with the message ‘Grow Through What You Go Through’ can help to transform your worldview. View yourself as a plant, forever growing stronger through the ‘weeds’ of your life. 

Inspiring Enamel Pins With Sayings - ‘Amazing Things’ 

If you’re trying to reach your dreams, there’s nothing more disheartening than never having opportunities come your way. Sounds like you’re in need of manifestation! Enamel pins with sayings remind you that in order to manifest your goals, live your life positively and ‘Amazing Things Will Happen’.

Motivational Enamel Pins For Creativity - ‘Start Somewhere’ 

When you’re excited to get started on a project, it’s easy to get swamped by millions of ideas for how you want to tackle it. Although your creativity might be at its peak, this can actually hinder your progress, because it’s harder to decide the best point to start. The best motivational enamel pins remind us that we have to just ‘Start Somewhere’.

Top Motivational Enamel Pins - ‘Keep Moving Forward’

Once you’ve made that first step, it’s time to get stuck into your plans. Enamel pins with sayings can inspire you in the next stages of your journey. Whatever hindrances you meet along the way, ‘Keep Moving Forward’ enamel pins remind you to never look back.

Keep Moving Forward Enamel Pin

Motivational Enamel Pins For Confidence - ‘Make Your Own Magic’ 

It’s important to remember that, according to the laws of manifestation, you get back from the universe what you put in. Enamel pins with sayings encourage you not to wait for opportunities to strike, but instead to ‘Make Your Own Magic’. 

Motivational enamel pins with sayings are little motivational coaches that stay with you wherever you go. When you’re feeling down or you’re not sure what step to take next, enamel pins with sayings feature quotes and messages to send you in the right direction. Whatever you need inspiration for, motivational enamel pins are the perfect self-care boost. 

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