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Mother's Day 2021 Gift Collection

Inspiring Mother's Day Card Message Ideas for 2021

Once you've discovered the perfect Mother's Day card in our collection, you might be unsure about what to write for the personalised message inside. You might know exactly how you feel about your mum, but the words won't come out right. Check out our list of inspiring Mother's Day card message ideas for 2021 to spark your imagination and discover the perfect words.

Mother's Day Card Message Ideas for No. 1 Mums

We all know our mums are the best in the world, so why not let them know? In cards that tell her she's the 'Best Mother' and 'Number 1', the best Mother's Day card message ideas tell her why she's changed your life for the better

Maybe there's a memory that stands out for you - the first time you walked through the park together, or the time she looked after you when you were ill. Perhaps there are words of advice and inspiration from your mum that have brought you through difficult times. Perhaps you just want to list the reasons she's special to you. No matter what you decide to write, the more personalised your Mother's Day card message is, the more meaningful it will be.

Mother's Day 2021 Greeting Cards

Relatable Mother's Day Card Message Ideas

Sometimes - especially when you have your own little ones - you just reach that moment when you understand all your mum did for you. This calls for an honest and funny card that shows how you relate to her challenges and appreciate all she does. 

Make her smile with a Happy Mother's Day card that says, 'Let's forget those awkward teenage years.' In your message, share a memory from 'those awkward teenage years' that she pulled you through. Or why not put your cards on the table, and simply tell her 'Mum, I totally get it.' You know about the stress and sleepless nights, and you want to show her she's one in a million.

Meaningful Mother's Day Card Message Ideas

Perhaps you want to keep it simple, and tell it from the heart. Mother's Day card message ideas don't have to be complicated or long - it's the meaning that matters. Whether you want her to know she's a 'Mother Like No Other' or that 'You're Never Too Old to Need Your Mum', speaking from your own feelings will make your message more meaningful.

Think about what makes your mum special to you. Maybe it's the fantastic bear hugs she gives, or the way her positivity brightens your day. Too often we miss opportunities to tell our mothers about the impact they've made on our lives. The best Mother's Day card message ideas remind her of what makes her special.

You love your mum through the year, but you rarely get the chance to tell her. Mother's Day is the perfect time to put into words how much she matters to you. A meaningful Mother's Day card message shows the strength of the bond between you both on her special day. 

Mother's Day Small Card Collection 2021
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