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Top 3 Ways to Display Your Enamel Pins in 2021

Top 3 Ways to Display Your Enamel Pins in 2021

Enamel pins are the perfect statement piece. There are so many great designs that it's impossible to resist building your own enamel pins collection. 

As your enamel pins collection grows, there are many ways to set them out on display. Whether you like to decorate your home or incorporate enamel pin badges into your fashion style, here are our top 3 ways to display your enamel pins in 2021.

How to Display Enamel Pins on Your Jacket or Jeans

Arguably the most iconic way to display enamel pins is on a denim jacket. From punk rockers to millennial fashionistas, enamel pin badges have always been the perfect accompaniment to a denim jacket. 

When displaying enamel pins on your jacket, think about the positioning. Grouping enamel pin badges together in a cluster can be really effective, especially if they have similar colours or themes. A single statement enamel pin can also look great on a lapel or pocket. 

Don't feel tied down to jackets. Enamel pins have long been an icon of personal expression. They can be worn on the pocket of your jeans to add an extra touch of style, or even onto a plain fabric hairband. Choose clothing or accessories with a firm fabric, as thinner fabrics may not hold your enamel pin badge as strongly.

Enamel Pin Jacket

Displaying Enamel Pin Badges on a Flag or Pennant 

For a seasoned enamel pin collector, you might need a little more room to display your collection. An enamel pin display flag is the perfect way to display your enamel pin collection in your home. Hanging it up on any wall will bring vibrancy to your room, as you can carefully curate your collection.

Why not choose a monthly theme for displaying your enamel pin badges? On an office wall, use enamel pins with motivational (and caffeine-inspired!) messages on your enamel pin display flag to boost your work sessions. Or how about a self-love mood-board on your enamel pin display flag to inspire and empower you all day long?

Enamel Pin Flag Display

Creative Ways to Display Enamel Pin Badges

If you're a creative enamel pin collector, why not make yourself a creative display? If you love embroidery, utilise an embroidery hoop to display your enamel pin collection. Trap plain or patterned cotton fabric in the hoop, as you would to start a stitching project. Pin your badges, and display in your craft room or around the home. 

Wherever you can attach fabric, you have a space to display your enamel pin collection. A small fabric heart decoration can display enamel pins whilst hanging on a wardrobe door. Framed cork boards are another contemporary way to display your enamel pin collection, either on a wall or a bedside table. 

Collecting enamel pins is a fantastic hobby, especially if you have a special place to display your pins. The way you display your enamel pin badges has a real impact on their effect. From your bedroom wall to the front of your jacket, enamel pins are a tiny masterpiece to share your unique style with the world.

Enamel Pin Collection
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