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Self-Love Enamel Pin Trends 2021

Why Self-Love Enamel Pins are the Best Fashion Trend for 2021

The past year has been a challenging time, so we’re all in need of some self-love. And where else to express our appreciation of ourselves, but with self-love enamel pins! Enamel pins are the perfect accessory to show off your personality and spread messages of self-love wherever you go. Here’s why self-love enamel pins are the best fashion trend for 2021.

She Believed She Could Enamel Pin

Self-Love Enamel Pins to Boost Self-Esteem in 2021

Why are self-love enamel pins the best fashion trend for 2021? The answer is simple: we all need a pocket-sized boost to our self esteem. With the uncertainty of coronavirus, it’s easy to develop low mood and negative self-perception. The self-love movement sets out to right that perception, and reminds us all to love ourselves openly and honestly for who we are. Wearing self-love enamel pins means standing in solidarity with yourself. 

The best fashion trend for 2021 is not just clothes-deep when your enamel pin declares you’re the best version of yourself. Your style can synergise with your inner outlook on a pin that proudly declares, ‘I Am Enough’. Don’t be afraid to embrace your wild side either, with a ‘She is Fierce’ enamel pin. 

Why ‘Be Kind’ Enamel Pins are 2021’s Best Fashion Statement

Taking self-love enamel pins even further means embracing kindness. When we show kindness, not only do we share love, but we also reinforce our own self-appreciation. Kindness is finally being recognised as a strength, and that’s why it’s part of the best fashion trend for 2021. 

Tell the world that ‘Kindness Matters’ with a cool enamel pin on your jacket lapel or pocket. Wear ‘Be Kind’ enamel pins on a bag, hat or coat to show your support for all things kindness. This small, but loud statement of solidarity proves to those around you that kindness is a priority!

Be Kind Enamel Pin

Spread Self-Love with Enamel Pins for Friends

So, how can you spread the self-love even further? Support and appreciation is best when it’s shared around with your friends. Set up your own ‘Self Love Club’ to encourage your friends to live their best life, and appreciate who they really are. Whether you’re pampering with a face mask, or examining your feelings, the best fashion trend for 2021 is also the best way to support your friends. Tell your friends ‘You Got This’, and send an enamel pin high five their way!

Self-love enamel pins are the best fashion trend for 2021 because they recognise that fashion is about much more than fabric. Fashion accessories are a way for us to express our innermost feelings and ideas, and ultimately shape how we view ourselves. If we wear self-love enamel pins, we make a statement to ourselves and the people around us that we are unashamed in our support and love for who we are as individuals.
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