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4 Ways to Wear Super Cool Keyrings

4 Ways to Wear Super Cool Keyrings

Keys - they're a big part of our daily life, but it's easy to forget their significance. Without them, there would be no way to keep ourselves and our things safe. But keys come with their own issues of visibility and style. Cool keyrings can revolutionise the way you wear keyrings, making your keys fashionable and easier to spot. Here are 4 ways to wear cool keyrings. 

Attach a cute keyring to your bag

Cute keyrings hanging from a bag is perhaps the most iconic example for how to wear cool keyrings. If you wear cool keyrings on your bag, you have the benefits of ease of use, style and convenience

Using cute keyrings that are chunky and bright is not just stylish, but practical, because you can see very clearly where your keys are. Keys can easily go missing, especially if they're small. So, when you wear cute keyrings, you always know your keys are close by. 

Keep cool keyrings on your jeans 

Why not also make your cute keyrings into an accessory for your outfit? When you have a beautiful rainbow keyring, there's no need to keep it tied to just your keys. 

Fashionistas have developed trends for wearing cool keyrings on jeans, trousers or cords. Hook your keyring onto the belt loop of your jeans, or even onto the belt itself. Not only does this keep your keys safe, but it adds a quirky punk look to your outfits.  

Hang up your cool keyrings in your home 

Keyrings don't have to be kept with you all the time. If you need keys at home, then why not also display them in the home? 

It's great to wear cool keyrings, but they can also look amazing hung on the wall amongst a display, or even on a noticeboard. If you're wondering how to use cool keyrings in your home, keep in mind the spaces where you tend to use keys, and keep those cute keyrings nearby.

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Accessorise phone or laptop cases with cute keyrings

Nothing boosts your mood at work like having cute keyrings on your laptop case. Let's say you're deciding how to use cool keyrings, and you don't want to wear cool keyrings on a handbag. There are plenty of other accessories that are crying out for the style and practicality of cute keyrings. Attach a keyring to your laptop case, so yours always stands out in the crowd at meetings.

If you're still unsure about how to use cool keyrings, think about exactly what you want to use keyrings for. If you need to keep track of your keys when you're in town, keep them in your bag. If you need them for the keys to your summerhouse, it might be better to keep them at home. No matter how you decide to use cool keyrings, you will have a stylish and practical tool for keeping your keys safe. 

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