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How to Use a Personalised Wedding Planner Notebook

As the big day comes closer, it's best to get your wedding plans settled ASAP. Using a personalised wedding planner notebook makes planning for your wedding extra special. With every wedding, there are millions of details to plan ahead for - from the guest list to bridesmaid dresses. Once you know how to use a personalised wedding planner notebook, you'll be 100% ready for your special day.

Planning for Your Wedding Day in a Personalised Wedding Planner Notebook 

You might have thought about hiring a wedding planner, but why not D-I-Y your wedding plans? Start using your personalised wedding planner by brainstorming with your fiance. What kind of wedding day are you dreaming of? A relaxed, family-focused atmosphere? Or a full-on, large-scale celebration? 

Plan out your themes in your wedding planner notebook. Choose flowers that compliment your colour-scheme, along with table decorations. Think about the kind of music you want to play, and whether you want a DJ or a live musician. What about locations? Once coronavirus restrictions have ended, physical venues will still need to be booked well in advance.

Don't forget to plan your outfit! You can even print out or sketch designs directly into your personalised wedding planner notebook

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How to Use Your Wedding Planner to Plan Your Guest List

Once you and your fiance are settled on your wedding plans, it's time to start planning for your guests. Note down your guest list in your personalised wedding planner notebook. Write down a list of guest names, along with contact details. Add checkboxes to tick when you have sent out an RSVP, and when you have confirmed attendance. Once you have a rough idea of the number of guests, you can start to plan your seating chart.

Consider your seating chart carefully in your personalised wedding planner notebook. Families may need to sit together, or children may prefer to have their own table. Immediate family members and close friends, including the best man and bridesmaids, will need to be seated closest to the happy couple. Make sure the seating arrangements and venue are suitable for any disabled guests.

Planning for Your Honeymoon in a Personalised Wedding Planner Notebook 

The final stage is arguably the most exciting! Why stop when the wedding plans are complete? Why not try planning your honeymoon in your personalised wedding planner, too? 

There are a surprising number of factors you need to consider when planning for your honeymoon. For one thing, we all prefer different climates and locales. Brainstorm together for a destination, and then think carefully about the kind of locations you want to visit - sunbathing on the sand, or relaxing at the bar? 

You also need to be clear on how long you want your trip to be. Sometimes you just want a weekend getaway, but in other cases, you might prefer a longer honeymoon. A personalised wedding planner notebook is also the perfect place to plot out your budget. Nothing ruins a fantastic honeymoon more than money worries. Plan ahead so no hidden expenses will catch you out.

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If you are planning for a honeymoon abroad, it's important to consider COVID-19 restrictions, as many locations will likely be restricted for many months ahead. Still, it's never too soon to plan and set out ideas, as specific dates can always be arranged after lockdown has ended.  

Your wedding day will be one of the most special in your life, so it's important to enjoy the planning process as well as the event itself. A personalised wedding planner notebook provides a perfect space for you and your fiance to plan ahead for making memories on your big day.

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