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Custom Enamel Pin Badges and How To Order In 5 Steps

How to order custom enamel pins

While we do have an extensive range of enamel pin badges, you may be looking for a specific design that we don't offer or to add your own branding.

Ordering enamel pins from oversea suppliers and manufacturers can be difficult and time consuming. Through trial and error over the year, we know the problems that can occur.

We're here to help you, and we can create a bespoke quote for you to help you through the process of ordering custom enamel pin badges. 

1. Get In Touch and Explain What You'd Like

Email us at to give us a rough idea on design and quantities you are thinking of. For reference, our minimum custom enamel pin badge order is 100.

2. Design Process

We Will then confirm the order with yourselves, and work through the design process. When creating designs for enamel pins, there are certain requirements we need to stick to for the manufacturing process. Enamel pins are metal pins that are made up of two elements - the plated metal and the enamel paint which sits on top. The artwork needed for manufacturing needs to be split in to two parts - the metal and the enamel paint. We can use pantone colour references for colours used on the enamel paint. We also offer 3 different metal finishes - rose gold copper, silver, gold, or black nickel.

3. Die Creation

Once the Artwork is confirmed, we'll create a metal die. 

4. Production

Once the die has been made and the colours of the custom enamel pin badge have been confirmed, the order will be put in to production. We offer various packaging options, which include small cellophane sleeves for each pin, or a custom enamel pin backing. Each enamel pin is also supplied with a rubber pin backing as standard.

5. Shipping

Once the enamel pin manufacturing order has been completed, they then go through a quality check. Once all pins have been checked they are then dispatched via courier. We will take care of all customs and shipping instructions.

Custom Enamel Pin Badges and How To Order In 5 Steps