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One of our resolutions this year was to start taking more photos! We have just invested in a brand new shiny dslr and really want to get to grips with good photography.

Last weekend we spent Saturday at West Elm's London store at Emily Quinton's photography workshop. The workshop was an introduction in to taking beautiful photography whatever the subject. Armed with only our iphone camera we were let loose to set up photos using products and props found in the store. It was a great exercise in how to use natural light and how to really think about the composition of the photo. We learn't some fantastic tips on using negative space, the Rule of Thirds, the use of props (in our case rosemary!) finding the best source of natural light in your home or studio to take some great photos.

Since then, we have set to work on finding the best spot in the studio and have been snapping away using our tea towels and cards as the focal points. Hopefully we'll have some more photos being posted in the near future!

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