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3 Inspiring Writing Prompts for a Daily Planner Book

A daily planner book is the ultimate space to record your daily goals and tasks. Pour yourself a morning coffee (or green tea!), and see at a glance what the day ahead has to offer. Want to get creative with your goal planning? Writing prompts can give you whole new ideas for how to use your daily planner book. Check out these 3 inspiring writing prompts for a daily planner book to take your goal planning to the next level.

Future Journaling in a Daily Planner Book 

You might make plans for your day, but how often do you analyse how your day went? Within all those tasks and events, there’s a lot of information to inspire your future self. Once you’ve filled in your daily planner book, look back over your day. What three tasks or events went well that day? What three aspects of your day would you like to improve in the future?

Maybe the time you spent planning your business’ new advertising campaign was very productive, but you’d like to cut down the amount of time you spend on work emails. Future journaling in a daily planner book can help you to refine your daily tasks, so you can focus on what really matters and hone your goal planning.

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Inspiring Writing Prompts for Scripting

One of the most inspiring writing prompts for goal planning focuses on the time after your goal has successfully been accomplished. Scripting in a daily planner book involves writing to give thanks for reaching your goals, long before you’ve actually achieved them.

Scripting should be written in the present tense, and feature details imagining how your life will be improved through reaching your goals. The reason this is one of the most inspiring writing prompts is because it enables you to think about your goal as something truly attainable, motivating you to keep working through your daily planner book.

Inspiring Writing Prompts for Gratitude Journaling

The ultimate icon of inspiring writing prompts has to be gratitude journaling. Expressing gratitude in a daily planner book supports your goal planning, because it helps you to appreciate the skills and opportunities you already have, and then develop them to their full potential. 

At the end of each day, write three things you feel grateful for. These can be small things, like seeing birds in the garden, or big things, like the love of your family. Gratitude journaling in a daily planner book is one of the most inspiring writing prompts, because it draws your mind to the positives of your day, boosting your mood and inspiring your future plans.

Whether you go for metallic gold or a striking red, your daily planner book will be a centre of inspiration for your day to day life. Inspiring writing prompts give your writing a whole new direction, helping you to discover new ways to think about goal planning. As you plan out your day and tackle your goals, using inspiring writing prompts in a daily planner book can make your writing and goal planning more productive and meaningful.

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