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The Top 3 Gifts to Celebrate Poetry Month

Poetry month is a time to appreciate our favourite poems and pen our own verse. For those who love the written word, poetry gifts can inspire and motivate their writing. Celebrate poetry month in style with amazing poetry gifts, from inspiring enamel pins to personalised notebooks. Read on to discover the top 3 gifts to celebrate poetry month.

Poetry Gifts for Wordsmiths - Personalised Notebooks 

To celebrate poetry month, you or a wordsmith friend might be editing poems to send out for competitions, or trying out poetry for the very first time. For budding poets and established writers alike, personalised notebooks make perfect poetry gifts. Not only are they inspiring, but they’re the perfect space to burst your ideas out onto the page, and bring your poetry to life. Why not personalise these poetry gifts with the recipient’s name? Tell them ‘you should just go for it’ and encourage them to ‘make your own magic’!

Enamel Pins for Poets to Celebrate Poetry Month

What better way to celebrate poetry month than through inspirational enamel pins? Perfecting your work to send out to magazines is a challenging, but rewarding process. Give yourself a boost of motivation with inspirational enamel pins for poets. When you’re struggling to get down those first lines, remember that all writers have to ‘start somewhere. Poetry gifts remind the poets in your life to ‘dream big’ as they send their poems out into the world, because ‘amazing things will happen’.

Coffee Mugs for Budding Poets

Submitting to competitions calls for a little caffeinated comfort. If you’re editing stanzas and perfecting imagery, a cup of coffee can hone your focus and inspire you, making motivational mugs one of the best gifts to celebrate poetry month. Use these sippable poetry gifts to remind the poets in your life to reject social pressures and ‘do what you love’. Or if they’re a fan of tea, encourage them to enjoy a mug of Earl Grey and ‘get stuff done’. Writing great poetry is much easier to achieve when you have a warming drink by your side.

Poetry is a powerful form of writing, enabling authors to convey their ideas in abstract terms, exploring style, form and imagery in fun and creative ways. Whether your recipient is a seasoned poet, or has just discovered their love of the written word, poetry gifts are a great way for them to celebrate poetry month and embark on their creative journey.

Do what you love mug
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