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3 Ways to Celebrate Women's History Month with Feminist Gifts

February is Women’s History Month, a time to celebrate the achievements of women through history, from creatives and scientists to the women’s suffrage movement. There are many great ways to celebrate Women’s History Month, from displaying feminist embroidered patches to creating your own riot grrrl scrapbooks in personalised notebooks. Feminist gifts, for friends or for yourself, show your support of the movement for women’s rights and freedoms.

Create a Feminist Display of Enamel Pins

Enamel pins have been worn throughout history to show support for social movements, including feminism. Why not create a feminist display of enamel pins for your bedroom or to gift to a girl pal? 

To choose your feminist enamel pins, think about your own feminist perspective. Which aspects of the women’s rights movement matter most to you? If you want to champion women in business, incorporate enamel pins that tell your girlboss friends, ‘Yes She Can’. Maybe you want to show the strength of female friendships with feminist gifts - then go for enamel pins that spread love to your ‘Girl Gang’.

She Believed She Could Pink Enamel Pin

Create Feminist Scrapbooks in Personalised Notebooks

There are so many wonderful resources for Women’s History Month, so why not use personalised notebooks to create fun, feminist gifts for your friends. Add all your favourite feminist facts and ideas to inspire your girlfriends. Dedicate a page to your favourite feminist icons, with details of their achievements. 

Write your own feminist manifesto with your friends - what do you want to see change for women in the future? Create riot grrrl collages in your personalised notebooks using images from magazines. Personalised notebooks are one of the best feminist gifts for Women’s History month, because they provide a space for women to explore their ideas for a feminist future.

Decorate Clothing with Embroidered Patches

The history of embroidered patches has been closely linked to feminist protests. For decades, women have stitched and ironed embroidered patches on their clothes to make statements of support for feminist causes. 

Embroidered patches on a jacket lapel or a backpack not only add a fun accessory, but also make perfect feminist gifts to show your support for feminist campaigns when you’re out on the town. Strong feminist messages on embroidered patches, including the ‘She is Fierce’ embroidered patch, empower you all through Women’s History Month. 

She is Fierce Embroidered Patch
Whether you decide to celebrate Women’s History Month through embroidered patches, personalised notebooks or enamel pins, feminist gifts for your friends brighten their day and spread powerful messages of solidarity. To choose the right feminist gifts for friends and family, think carefully about the message you want to send - whether that’s support for them to achieve their dreams with personalised notebooks, or a display of true friendship with enamel pins. Celebrating feminism with the women in your life is the perfect way to enjoy Women’s History Month.
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