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4 Gifts to Support Friends Through Stress Awareness Month

Stress has a huge impact on mental and physical wellbeing, affecting anxiety, depression, heart disease, and even our immune system. April is Stress Awareness Month, a time to raise awareness of the symptoms and effects of stress, and support friends and family who are suffering from stress. 

Displays of support can make a world of difference to friends struggling to combat stress. From cool keyrings to motivational enamel pins, sending thoughtful gifts for Stress Awareness Month can put the smile back on your friends' faces. 

Motivational Enamel Pins to De-stress for Stress Awareness Month

Stress thrives on worries and feelings of insecurity. Feeling that something is going to go wrong, or worrying that you’re not working hard enough are common triggers for stress. 

Motivational enamel pins are little sparks of encouragement that you can take with you throughout the day, making them the perfect gifts for Stress Awareness Month. Motivational enamel pins let friends know ‘It’s OK’ and give them the confidence to say ‘I Am Enough’. Make them laugh all through April with ‘Doughnut Worry’ motivational enamel pins. 

Doughnut Worry Enamel Pin

Personalised Notebooks for Self-Belief

As well as motivational enamel pins, writing about your feelings in personalised notebooks is a great way to explore worries and de-stress. Personalised notebooks make perfect gifts for Stress Awareness Month, because friends can use them to plan strategies to overcome stress. 

Having their name and a message from you on the cover makes their notebook extra special. If their self-belief is low, remind them ‘You Are Braver Than You Believe’ and to ‘Keep Moving Forward’ through personalised notebooks. 

Keep Motivation Close with Cool Keyrings

As friends work through their day, what better gifts to support them through daily stresses than cool keyrings? When they reach for their keys, they'll also unlock the door to inspirational messages that tell them, ‘You’ve Got This’! 

As they head off to work or school, you’ve got an extra special way to say 'Go Get 'Em Tiger' and show your belief in them through these gifts for Stress Awareness Month. 

Go Get 'em Tiger Keyring

Inspirational Art Prints for Stress Awareness Month 

Sometimes stress forces its way into our home life, whether through social media or home working. Many of us are impacted heavily by our home environment. Gift a friend some inspirational art prints to make their home a relaxing space to de-stress. Stress can worsen when we overload our lives with tasks that make us unhappy, so remind your friends to be true to themselves, ‘Do What Makes Your Soul Happy’ and ‘Be Led By Your Dreams’.

Out of all the gifts for Stress Awareness Month, the very best is a listening ear. Sharing their struggles with friends, and knowing they are loved and valued can help to ease a loved one’s stress. From motivational enamel pins to personalised notebooks, gifts for Stress Awareness Month can inspire your friends and give them a new outlook to overcome stress.

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