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Personalised Notebook 2021

The Top 3 Personalised Notebooks for Sensing Personality Types

According to the Myers Briggs personality types, sensing personality types are practical people who value facts and concrete thinking. Sensing personality types live in the moment, focusing on the information they have to inform their understanding of the world. 

Personalised notebooks for sensing personality types help them to analyse information and make practical plans in a notebook tailored to their needs. Here are the top 3 personalised notebooks for sensing personality types.

Motivational Personalised Notebooks for Sensing Personality Types 

Sensing personality types are practical and believe in getting stuck right into their tasks. They make strong decisions based on common sense and immediate facts, rather than through laborious planning. Sensors like to use notebooks to act on their goals quickly and effectively. Over-thinking is a waste of time to sensing personality types, and they prefer to 'get things done'! Rather than using personalised notebooks for lengthy plans, these notebooks give sensors the space to jot down their immediate tasks and goals for the day ahead. 

Get Stuff Done Hardback Notebook

Gratitude Journal Personalised Notebooks for Sensing Personality Types 

For people who live strictly in the present, mindfulness comes naturally. Sensing personality types pay close attention to the details around them, and gratitude journaling is the perfect mindfulness technique for their self-development and mental wellbeing. Gratitude journaling reminds sensors to 'be grateful for small things, big things and everything in between'. It builds on their perceptive abilities to form an appreciation of the wonderful moments in their day and help them to develop a confident outlook. 

Inspirational Personalised Notebooks for Sensing Personality Types 

Even pragmatic sensors need a bit of inspiration! Sensors aren't inspired by lofty thoughts, they believe in the power of action. Sensors recognise that actions speak far louder than words or thoughts. If we want to make a change to our lives or the world around us, we can only achieve it through our actions - something that sensors know well. Inspire the sensors in your life to make an impact through their actions with personalised notebooks that declare 'you are what you do, not what you say you'll do'. 

As sensors value practicality, personalised notebooks for sensing personality types need to be effective spaces for jotting down notes for current tasks and planning out goals for the day. Personalised notebooks can also be used as a gratitude journal, mindfulness journal, and as a source of inspiration. According to Myers Briggs categorisation, sensing personality types are focused on reality and the present moment, and personalised notebooks provide the perfect assistant to reach all their day-to-day goals.

She Believed She Could Personalised Notebook
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