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Enamel Pin Collection 2021

The Best Enamel Pins to Celebrate Springtime

From April showers to May blossoms, there’s so much to love about Spring! Choose spring enamel pins to celebrate the season and bring a touch of springtime magic with you wherever you go. Whether you want to celebrate the blossoming of flowers, or the beautiful insect life that abounds all through the season, cute enamel pins make wonderful spring gifts to take you through all the joys of the spring months.

Best Spring Enamel Pins - Rainbow Enamel Pins

Is there a more iconic image of spring weather than a rainbow after the rain? When the raindrops have settled on the grass, a kaleidoscope of colours lights up the sky. Whether you like your rainbows colourful or in black and gold, rainbow enamel pins are the perfect spring gifts to shine into your life - and they look fantastic on a denim jacket! Rainbow enamel pins can also brighten up a coat, backpack, or can even be attached to a display flag on a summerhouse wall.

Colourful Rainbow Enamel Pin

Cute Spring Enamel Pins - Insect Enamel Pins

As the sun begins to come out, so do all the ladybirds, bees, butterflies and beetles. Insects are underrated for their impact on the natural world. Researchers have raised awareness of the importance of insects on natural ecosystems, as they provide food for many animals and birds, as well as pollinating crops.

Make yourself or friends smile with the perfect spring gifts of butterfly enamel pins, evoking the iconic fluttering creatures. Does anything brighten the spring season more than buzzy bees? From spreading pollen to creating honey, bees are notoriously hard workers, yet are always bright and sunny. Wear bee enamel pins on a jacket or bag to tell yourself, ‘don’t worry, bee happy’.

Inspiring Spring Enamel Pins - Plants and Gardening Enamel Pins

Spring is the perfect time to get out into the garden again, tending to plants after the cold of winter, and preparing for summer flowers. The best spring gifts appreciate all things plant power, motivating you to get mowing, watering and appreciating all the wonderful plant life nature brings. From leaves to flowers, spring enamel pins teach you to ‘grow through what you go through’, and enjoy spring whilst it’s here. If you're a plant lover, then spring enamel pins are the perfect spring gifts to show off your love of flora and fauna. 

All of the seasons are beautiful, with nature developing in its own way. Spring's uniqueness stems from the new beginnings it brings, from buds forming on trees to daffodils sprouting in the grass. Spring gifts are symbolic of fresh starts and opportunities ahead. Gift yourself, friends and family spring enamel pins to appreciate the power of spring all year round.

Plant Lover Enamel Pin
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