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Hugs, kisses and stationery…1 month until Valentines Day!

Hugs, kisses and stationery…1 month until Valentines Day!

Happy New Year, lovers.

As Valentines Day scarily approaches (it’s really not long since we took down our Christmas tree), we’re back busy in the studio once again packing, stamping and posting cards and prints to all those lovebirds out there.

After a top notch festive season, it’s time to talk about the birds and the bees….and pick some of our favourite Valentine’s Day products that are set to woo your valentine.

Here at Old English Company, we are big fans of fun, tongue in cheek cards and we’re also about hand-lettered typography, whilst still enjoying the simplicity. This is pretty much our inspiration for most of our products.

I think you’ll all agree, towards the end of 2015 the world went totally bonkers for pineapples…this was a trend we loved and therefore we designed our ‘You’re the pina to my colada’ card and print range, which we showcased for the first time at the Top Drawer trade show in September 2015. This is by far one of our top selling cards, perfect for Valentines Day, birthdays or just because you really love someone.

pina to my colada card

Talking of just really loving someone, our ‘I just really, really love you’ card is also a winner. It’s only mid January (4 weeks to go until the big V-Day, just saying…) and this card is already flying off our shelves. We think it’s pretty cute, even if we do say so ourselves! Don’t you agree?

i just really really love you card

Are you partial to a cheeky gin and tonic? Be it in a sunny beer garden with pals, or snuggled up in front of the fire at Christmas….it’s safe to say that a G&T is the preferred tipple for so many. So, our ‘You’re the gin to my tonic’ card and print range was a must concoction and they’re certainly proving to be a winning choice with many of our lovely customers.

gin to my tonic print

Our personalised prints are also popular too for that unique Valentines Day gift. We don’t need Valentines Day to remind us of why we love The Notebook. It remains one of the most iconic love stories of the 21st century (and Ryan Gosling is still pretty dreamy too) and with that, our *new product alert* print ‘If you’re a bird, I’m a bird’ is proving to be a success. We actually made this into a print design last week after our Instagram followers went mad for a post we put out (thank you everyone). If you want to, you can personalise it with your names at the bottom of the print. It can then be adorned on your walls so you enjoy it everyday in between Valentines Day!

if youre a bird im a bird print

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