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Calling all love birds….and those partial to spooning…

Calling all love birds….and those partial to spooning…

little spoon big spoon pillow covers

We recently wrote about our best selling cards and prints, ideal for Valentines Day. Now that the big V Day is over for another year (we hope you had a good one Casinovas), we’re able to see which products you lovely lot were enjoying the most this year (oh and thanks for the love by the way, you’re making us blush).

Hands down, it’s got to be our ‘Big Spoon, Little Spoon Pillows’, which have been absolutely rocketing off the shelves - faster than you could say ‘are you the big or the little spoon?’

It’s great though and we’re chuffed to bits that our customers enjoy them so much. We produced these pillowcases over a year ago but it’s fair to say they’ve grown to be a winning choice, with both our customers and stockists. Due to popularity, we’ve even extended our ‘spooning range’, which I’ll get on to shortly. Hold your horses.

We think that the popularity of these pillowcases has been partly due to the new and wonderful Not On The High Street TV ad, which first aired a few weeks back and which features our spooning pillowcases (hands up who has spotted them?) We’re super pleased that NOTHS asked to feature them and it’s also great to see other NOTHS partners’ products on the screen too.

As mentioned, we kind of guessed that you lot like to spoon and so we now have our Big Spoon, Little Spoon coasters and mugs, as wells as our ‘Let’s Spoon’ and ‘You’re the perfect spooning partner’ mugs to add to the growing collection.

perfect spooning partner mug

So, are you the big spoon or the little soon? Answers on a postcard. Talking of postcards * new product alert * stay tuned for an update on our new postcard style cards…coming soon! 

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