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Hello National Stationery Week!

Hello National Stationery Week!

This coming week is a very exciting week for Team OE. We’ve just finalised our newest greeting card collections and have sent them to print! Perfect timing with National Stationery Week just around the corner, whoop!

This year, we're focusing on helping spread the importance of sending greeting cards and hand lettered messages to share the love with your friends and family. 

So, we're setting out the 3 steps you could take in making sure your messages of love, cheer and motivation are not only stylish but also practical.

1. Keeping on top of your diary!

We're obsessed with greeting cards, you can never have enough in our eyes. So why not try having an 'emergency' greeting card drawer, full of different designs and themes. This way you'll be fully equipped for every occasion!

Perhaps a buddy's birthday which you only remembered as you were dashing out the door, or the your anniversary which suddenly arrived and you never did get round to buying that card. Having a few generic cards to hand will have your back covered for sure. Take a look at our collection of greeting cards and get stocked up so you’re ready for every and any event.  

2. Picking the right card

When it comes to cards it’s all about the message you want to share with someone special. It’s good to take a few cards into account and consider different styles, sizes and colours. But remember, keep in mind who you’re buying the card for.

Thinking of sizes, why not take a look over our small card collection – these are perfect for sharing the love in a pocket-sized punch!

3. Keeping it matchy matchy!

We know that matchy matchy is so in right now – so why not introduce the same idea to your greeting card and gift ideas. For example, if you were looking to pick up our new charcoal plannerwhy not take a look at our Kraft card collection too. Or, if you’re thinking more along the enamel pin gift line, try a small card, this way you are keeping the small but mighty theme running throughout your whole gift!

Newness Alert!

Keep your eyes peeled for our new collections, which will be available very soon! If you can’t wait – here’s a little sneak peek at a couple of the new cards, we're launching from our new ‘Colour Block’ and ‘Small Card’ collections…

 Colour Block Flamingo Card Party Small Card New Roarsome Birthday Lion Colour Block CardGrow Through Small Card New

Enjoy National Stationery Week, we know we will!

Love Team OE

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