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Our Favourite Gifts For Inspiration and Motivation

We’ve all been there: we’ve had times in our lives where it is hard to get the ball rolling and let’s be honest, Covid-19 hasn’t put us all in the most inspired frame of mind. Sometimes, all you need is a bit of positivity and a reminder that you CAN do this. If you notice a friend or family member is having one of these uninspired slumps, or if you need a little something to motivate yourself, a little gift to put a smile on their (or your) face might be exactly what is needed. Here are a few of our favourite feel-good gifts.

The ‘You Can’ Heart Enamel Pin

This gorgeous yet discrete addition to any outfit, bag, or accessory might just be exactly what you or your loved one needs to hear during times of need. Pin it right where everyone can see it, or put it somewhere safe so you can look at it whenever you need to hear those words of motivation. Click here to be inspired.

The ‘Go Get 'Em Tiger’ Planner

Not only does a planner make even the most disorganised of people feel like they have a plan, but the cute message on the front (accompanied by an even cuter tiger) is inspiring, reminding you that you are stronger than you feel and the world is your oyster. Click here to help you or a loved one feel fierce.

The ‘Amazing Things will Happen’ Coaster

This coaster is exactly what everyone needs to put their cup of tea down on after a hard day. The coaster gives you a little reminder that although things may be tough, you can work through this and there is light at the end of the tunnel. Click here to make your or someone else’s day a little more optimistic. These are just a few ideas of how you can help a loved one (or yourself) feel optimistic and cherished with these words of affirmation. Get ready to feel the benefits of these unique, quirky and thoughtful tokens of inspiration.
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