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Stationery and gifts to cheer up your friends at home

Stationery and gifts to cheer up your friends at home

Life in full lockdown was rough for a lot of us. We felt lonely, we felt bored, we felt like we wished we had more inspiring art to look at rather than blank walls – and we quickly remedied that last one by stocking up on prints.

Thankfully, life has reached a sort of new normal that we’re pretty much used to. But some people we know and love are still stuck at home – whether that’s because they’re feeling under the weather or just playing it safe. Do you know someone who could do with a cheer up gift?

We’ve got just the thing!

A greet idea

This cannot be stressed enough – receiving a handwritten greetings card always brightens our day. This Always Here For You card is the perfect choice to give your friend a nudge so they know they can get in touch whenever they need. Remember to write something thoughtful and heartfelt inside – or a bit of banter to make them laugh, whatever suits you guys.

Pretty in pins

We love enamel pins for adding a little flair to our favourite jacket or bag. Remind your friends that it’s okay to give themselves grace in these trying times. No one can do their very best every day and this Can’t Adult Today enamel pin is a quirky reminder that we’re all just winging it!

Be unicorny

You know how the saying goes: always be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn – then always be a unicorn. Remind your special someone that they are magical, or at least that they can have sweet dreams. They will feel the love every time they lay their head on this Dreaming of Unicorns pillowcase.

Love, love, love

The best gift you can give to someone who is lonely at home is yourself! All the gifts in the world are lovely, but make sure you touch base by actually using your phone to make a call. The sound of your voice could be just the tonic they need.

However you do it, treat someone you love to a little inspiration to keep calm and carry on.
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