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Tips For The Perfect Summer BBQ

What.A.Summer. It’s been a scorcher so far and with the smell of BBQ’s sweeping through gardens across the nation, we thought what better time to give the low down on hosting the perfect summer BBQ bash (quick, before autumn creeps its foot it). 

From the food, drinks and of course music, we have your summer full of BBQ’s covered.  

Ithe forecast shows rain, rain, and more rain, don’t let this stop you. Why not try a gazebo, or if you are celebrating a special occasion and really want to push the boat out, how about hosting a small festival style bash with a marquee? As long as you, your party and the BBQ are covereand the drinks are cold, everyone’s happy 

Safety first! Make sure if you do go for a gazebo/marquee, ensure the BBQ King or Queen shows off their culinary expertise somewhere safe and sheltered from the rainwithout being inside the marquee….we don’t want anyone burning anything down! 

If you’re throwing a big BBQ bash, think important birthday parties, weddingsanniversariesthen plan your guest list to include a good mix of friends and family. As long as everyone you love and have good company with is there, your BBQ bash should go down a treat. Once you have your guest list nailedgive people plenty of notice. This way, everyone can get it in their diaries! 

Once you get a bit closer to the time of your BBQ hosting, start planning the food and drinkOf course, burgers and sausages are the classics, but why not switch it up a bit and offer some roasted veg skewers, grilled chicken and of course a superfood salad paired with a mozzarella, tomato, and basil serving dish. Yum.  If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, take a look at the below recipes for some BBQ inspo –  

BBQ Trout Jamie Oliver Recipe Garlic Mushroom Burgers Jamie Oliver Recipe Griddled Vegetables & Feta with Tabbouleh Jamie Oliver Recipe

If you’ve got friends with allergies or that are veggie lovers, then there’s plenty of options, such as gluten-free rolls and veggie burgers. Food is the centre piece of any BBQ so why not look to bake some desserts to follow your show-stopping BBQ food. A good summer berry cheesecake or a batch of scones with jam and cream will always go down well. Pair all of this with a big bowl of fruit with some pouring cream and voila, the perfect foodie BBQ bash.  

Let’s not forget the drinks. We like to get a jug of Pimm’s ready with all the chopped fruit goodness, a couple of bottles of wine and a few beers in.  

You could also look at doing something a bit fun with your BBQ party. Why not have a go at creating some mocktails and cocktails in pairs and getting everyone to try them.  

Oh, don’t forget the little ones. A big jug of water with a few slices of lemon and lime chucked in for good measureand a few jugs of squash should cover it nicely for the kiddies. If you want to entertain the kids, why not get them to make their own mocktails with some paper umbrellas, fruit chunks and funky straws. 

   ROSEMARY BLUEBERRY SMASH Watermelon Cocktail  Mojito Cocktail Recipe

Next on the list is the music. Music makes any gathering a mini-festival or party in the summer. Make sure your portable speakers are charged up and you have created a summer playlist full of old school and current bangers. If you don’t have time to sit down and create a playlist, there are loads online and on YouTube. Hook your computer or phone up and get playing those tunes.  

Another good party game to play is name that tune. This works well either in teams or as individuals, once the food has been and gone and the drinks are flowing, try loading a playlist full of either one-hit-wonders or number ones, and get to work naming both the artist and the song title. This is a great way to reminisce and also have a good old laugh.  

This then leaves us with any final touches. This could be a theme for your BBQ with hoola garlands and tropical shirtsor fancy dress. Another way you can make your summer BBQ bash stand out from the rest is by getting some decorations and fun partyware for all your food and drink, paper plates, napkins, and paper cups. This also means you save on a lot of washing up…you’ll thank us later, we promise!  

However, you wish to celebrate this summer, do it in style!  

Team OE x  

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